Every child will have challenges with everyday activities at some point: when they are tired, over-scheduled, or just having a bad day.  When these challenges become a consistent source of frustration and they have a negative impact, it is time to consider help.

At TLC, our team of Occupational Therapists work with children of every age on fine and gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, self care skills, sensory concerns, organizational strategies, establishing routines and more.

To determine the best course of action to help your child, a consultation will start with a conversation to determine what skills your child needs to improve upon.

ellen-delilah-crayonsSigns that your child could benefit from Occupational Therapy include:

blue-281-hand-25x25  Difficulty holding a pencil, using scissors, or folding paper

blue-281-hand-25x25 Handwriting that does not improve with time or is not at grade level

blue-281-hand-25x25 Difficulty staying on task or following multi-step instructions

blue-281-hand-25x25 Difficulty getting work started and completed

blue-281-hand-25x25 Difficulty with tasks such as getting dressed, feeding and personal hygiene

blue-281-hand-25x25 Difficulty tolerating tags, clothing, touch, noises, smells, movement, etc.

blue-281-hand-25x25 Constantly in motion and seeking movement experiences

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