Through my wonderful experiences with occupational therapist Ellen Robison, I have learned so much about my child and why he reacted the way he did to life’s challenges. Why tags were so bothersome, why he needed to do things the same way every day, why he only ate certain food. But thanks to Ellen’s knowledgeable and caring ways, now I know my child better and he knows himself better.  We can help him prepare for challenges and remind him to use the strategies Ellen has taught him.  He feels in control and is ready to take on new things.  Thanks to Ellen for helping our entire family.

– Anne M.

My 12 year old son has been a patient and a fan of Darlene Nasuta since he was just 4 years old.  He has autism, developmental delays, social and generalized anxiety disorders and sensory issues, as well as Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. When we were referred to Darlene, my son was overwhelmed by his sensory issues and anxiety and could scarcely stand to be in a room with other people, let alone interact appropriately with them. I was desperate to help him, but unsure of how.  I had been to many doctors and specialists who had given me varied and endless messages of gloom and doom about my son.  My fears were alleviated when I met Darlene. Not only is Darlene a natural with children, she is a natural with children with special needs.  She helped bewildered parents learn how to help their not-so-easy children.  She has taught me about the challenges my son faces and has given me a perspective that is invaluable to me in parenting him. In a world of people who constantly remind me of all that my son can’t and won’t be able to do, she is the person who always sees his potential. So many of my son’s accomplishments: riding a bike, riding a scooter, learning to write — can be traced back to her, and while they may seem like inconsequential things, they have helped open up the world to him.  They have helped to give him the life, at least in part, that I always wanted him to have.  I would unreservedly recommend her services to anyone whose child needs a little extra help and care.

– Christine H.

Our family began a relationship with Ellen Robison, OTR/L upon the birth of our first child. Our son was born as a full term, healthy, beautiful boy.  At the age of about 2 months we noticed that he was not moving his left arm and leg as he moved the right.  We were told by the medical professionals that all would work out and he would be fine.  As parents, we just knew that something wasn’t right with our son.  We were referred to occupational therapist, Ellen Robison, who was very reassuring, and knowledgeable and I knew that our baby boy was going to be ok due to her expertise. Ellen helped us all along the way as our son was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ellen was with us providing the keen medical guidance and judgment to help our son get the services he needs and keep us emotionally strong. When we began working with OT, we were amazed at the wealth of knowledge she brought to each therapy session. However, I believe that her finest gift as an OT is her ability to translate all her skills and experience to create a warm, playful and enjoyable environment for every session. We both cannot help smiling and laughing as we watched our boy carefully manipulate a shape sorter or stack blocks only to clap his hands with glee when he achieves his goal. Ryan and I always happily anticipate what exciting new toys and challenges await us with each of our OT sessions. I also would like to thank Ms. Ellen for the care and support she has given us as parents. A session never goes by without a kind word and pat on the back for our efforts. And it warms a parent’s heart when your child actually wakes up and asks if today is the day they get to go to OT!! We have been seeing Ellen now over the years and she has become like a member of our family.  She displays care and compassion that goes over and above what the average person would give.  We are blessed to have a well-qualified occupational therapist that is knowledgeable, caring and always accessible when you need them the most. How fortunate for the Town of Towson to have the best for our children.

– Mary S.

Darlene Nasuta has changed my son’s life.  She has moved him from a place of fearing new things and self-doubt to a bursting sense of pride in his accomplishments.  She has methodically broken down the obstacles my son faced including core strength, spatial awareness, and sensory issues and created ways for him to overcome. Darlene is a master in using many different techniques and her experience with children is crucial in creating trust.  She has a wide repertoire of methods, including rock walls, games, swings and sports equipment, as well as desk work that helped my son with the fundamentals of letter formation, proper pencil grip and creating routine for successfully completing work. She is excellent at pinpointing areas that need work and finding the right way to help him progress through them, all with caring, innovative, yet challenging guidance.  Darlene has helped my son by giving him a framework of routine, repetition, and building on each accomplishment, creating openness to new things and situations.  He is a very different child in his positive outlook and his confidence.  Working with Darlene has been a delight.  She is a real advisor and mentor to my son, and we are incredibly grateful to her.

– Zab B.

We love TLC. We could not have asked for a better therapist for our two kids with autism. They treat us as family all the time. Ms. Ellen and Ms. Darlene are absolutely amazing! Ms. Ellen goes above and beyond to make sure both our kids are reaching their own goals and milestones. Ms. Darlene is also exceptional in many ways. The other team members are also professional and very caring. They are an amazing team of skilled and wonderful therapists. In other words, the love and care that we receive at TLC is truly unparalleled! They are such a blessing to our kids. Their constant commitment and dedication to our kids are what makes TLC the very best!

– The Malacas Family